Dichtersmarathon 2022, Perdu
Participated in Perdu’s annual Dichtersmarathon (Poetry Marathon) with excerpts from the poetry collection Wider Than the Sky and from the forthcoming book Jugoslovenska Kinoteka.


Wider Than the Sky
A year of daily haiku

The poetry collection Wider Than the Sky compiles one year of daily haiku poems by Shira Wolfe, with illustrations by
Laslo Antal, an
d reveals the details of a life lived between Belgrade, Amsterdam and Berlin. The poetry collection appeared in English, Dutch and Serbian.  

This is a limited art edition of 31 copies. Each consists of 13 folded double-sided DIN A4 sheets in a plastic case, 14 x 10,5 cm, and comes with a signed original artwork by Laslo. The last copies in this limited edition are currently on sale at the following bookstores:

Perdu (Amsterdam)
Boekie Woekie, books by artists (Amsterdam)
Saint George’s English bookstore (Berlin)

A second limited edition print will be out in March 2022.  


Haiku poetry published in haiku magazine Under the Bashō